Comic 293 - Page 2 - Tasty Piggy

7th Dec 2017, 11:23 AM in Chapter 6
Page 2 - Tasty Piggy
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TheGhost 7th Dec 2017, 11:23 AM edit delete
There was a movie I watched many years ago called "My Best Friend is a Vampire", and one scene stuck out among the rest. The main character, who is a newly turned vampire, heads into a butcher shop to buy some pig's blood. (This scene here.) With Rose and the other vampire's working at the Z.A., I always imagined that this was the way they survived; pig's blood. And somewhere in this city, a certain butcher supplies these human-friendly vampires with what they need. The same butcher also supplied the fresh meat for the zombies at the Z.A.

In other news, Patreon has been stirring up some trouble lately. Yesterday, all of the creators received an email mentioning a change in the way they handled fees. Up until now, the creators took the hit when it came to these fees. Creators ended up taking 80-88% in earnings while the fees ranged from 7-15%, with Patreon taking 5%. They said in the email that creators will now make a flat 95%, much more than we do now, HOWEVER, the fees will now be placed on the patrons. This has been met with a big NO from creators. No one I've heard from has been happy about this. Under this change, patrons will have to pay 2.9% + $0.35 on top of their pledge. This has basically killed $1 pledges. Some creators have actually seen patrons pull their pledges because of this change. I'm already bracing for this to happen to me. Every creator has the same thought about this; place the fees on us, not our patrons. The change is supposed to go into effect December 18th. I'm hoping they see this backlash and rethink their course of action.

Side note, I added a "Buy Me a Coffee" link to my page. This is more like a tip jar, and uses PayPal as a way to deliver those tips. For every coffee I get, I thought about making a quick sketch of a character enjoying a cup of coffee. (And possibly a character who has yet to appear in the comic.)

I had several requests for a wallpaper of the cityscape from the last page. From now on, if there is something in the comic you would like to see as a wallpaper, let me know. :) The new Wallpaper page can be found under the Artwork link. I also added the original size of the panel (in all its sloppy-glory).
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