Comic 304 - Page 13 - Aftermath

22nd Feb 2018, 1:25 PM in Chapter 6
Page 13 - Aftermath
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TheGhost 22nd Feb 2018, 1:25 PM edit delete
Every hitman needs a burner phone. I personally love flip phones, though my current phone is a large screen LG G2. (Yup, it's ancient in the ever-changing world of cell phones.) I wanted to go back to a simple flip phone, but as I talked to the Verizon salesman, he mentioned how expensive they are compared to the high-end models. The companies prefer selling the larger/shiny phones, rather than the basic ones. Conspiracy? He also mentioned how less durable newer phones have become. Another way, I guess, to keep the sales going when having to replace damaged phones. I've also been wanting to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and I heard the Galaxy S9 is on the horizon, so maybe I can save on the Note 8? I'm still on my family's plan, but I'm not sure how long they'll keep me. :o So it's looking like I may have to get a "burner" phone someday. It will be strange if I have to go from Verizon to TracFone, but a lot of people I know use TracFone.

Health news: nothing new to mention. Everything has been normal this past week. I still don't want to jinx myself, so my mind tries to avoid the "I'm cured!" trap.

Comic news: You may have seen a few Comicadia things on the main site. Comicadia is a new webcomic collective that not only focuses its webcomics, but also the entire webcomic community. Big plans are in store for this new collective, and I can't wait to see it grow. But with everything new, it has to begin somewhere. I did give serious thought to applying at SpiderForest or HiveWorks (I looked at their differences, pros and cons, and I still couldn't decide.) However, I saw my lack of a constant update schedule as a weakness. I didn't want to apply to either of them without steady updates, and while I was working on building my buffer of pages, I was approached about Comicadia. I didn't say yes at first. I sat with the proposal for a few days, again, pros and cons. After all of that, however, I felt like this was something I needed to do. There's also another change. Ads. I finally have ads on my main site. It has been suggested to me many times to place ads on my site as another means of income, but I always hated the aesthetics of them. So this is me biting that bullet. If I truly want to make this my day job, I need to start treating it as such. And here comes that inevitable reminder: If you have an adblocker, please consider adding my site to the Whitelist. Doing so is another way of supporting my comic. :D

Mirror news: There's another thing I've been agonizing over these past few months. I've been wanting to focus more on my main site, which I've been treating more like a mirror lately. Every update has me rushing over to my mirrors to update them, as well. Scheduled updates? I don't like scheduling updates these days, since I like to give commentary about current events and things. I'm not sure what I want to do. One idea was to update the mirrors once a month with page dumps, but that also eliminates commentary. Another idea was to pull the plug on them completely. But I have readers on both mirrors, and I value them too much to do that. Having mirrors also did some weird things with Comic Rocket. All of my sites are listed there, and I still haven't heard back from them concerning ownership of my Drunk Duck mirror. (I still call it Drunk Duck. Old habits.) That was back in November. I talked to someone from Comic Rocket in the past about removing the mirrors from their listing, but it seems they can't. Something about their system automatically pulling comics from other sites like Comic Fury and Drunk Duck. *shrugs* I'm also afraid I'll lose those readers on my mirrors if I stop updating. Yeah, I'm getting stressed again thinking about all of this. Stress is something I've been trying to avoid lately, but it creeps back in almost every day.

Oh wow, it's almost March. *thinks about Chapter 7* I really want to go back to two pages a week, but I need a much bigger buffer.
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chris-tar 22nd Feb 2018, 7:09 PM edit delete reply
The way you draw the panels in the comic, it is as if we are seeing what is happening through the eyes of Luke's body, which is a little creepy!
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